Vitaeoth, the World of Life

Vitaeoth is a wounded world, trying to recover after decades of magical and military warfare. This planes-shaking war ended nearly a century ago, the longest-lived people still remember the carnage, and the walls between the worlds are splintered and fractured. Nearly a dozen gods of all sizes lay dead, and countless mortal lives were lost to the magical war machines that culminated in the cataclysmic Battle of Many Maelstroms.

Peace was won by passionate heroes, who argued that should such conflict continue, the world of Vitaeoth and even the planes themselves could be in danger. With nations battered, bruised, and tired of war, they helped them set down their arms and spells and founded a grand City of Convergence, a place for all to meet their neighbors. Now there is calm.

This peace does bring uncertainty. With so many dead deities, both hero-gods and powerful elemental lords, there are many vacancies that create power vacuums. Those vacuums create new strife, and a silent arms race to be elevated to godhood and beyond is growing.

Finally, even though that war is over, the weapons that elevated the war beyond simple border skirmishes remain. Terrible power exists in the hands of a few, keeping the allied nations in a cordial cold war. None wish the war to begin again, as all of them know they cannot fight on.

You must become a hero in this world that rests on a knife's edge. Become the beacon of compassion and hope that everyone needs to believe in. Great heroes created this peace to last forever, but you must keep their wish alive and create your own in this World of Life.

Vitaeoth, the World of Life

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