Consuming, Warming, Passionate

The Element of Fire

"A warm campfire keeps adventurers comfortable in cold mountains.

A brilliant blaze of reds and yellows consumes a building filled with innocents.

A hot forge, or stove, or central heating furnace makes life easier.

Fire is a powerful tool that can easily burn out of control. While many can claim to master fire, fire's nature is pushing limits. Fire is a force that encourages movement, change, destruction, and growth. A child feels the strength of fire when their parents hold them close to their warm bodies. A star makes nearby planets habitable with unfathomable cosmic heat. Fire makes food easier to eat, but consumes anything it overpowers.

Without it, the world is cold, dark, and dead. Nothing grows. Nothing changes.

If you give fire no purchase in your life, you live a frozen existence. If you give it too much, you burn away into dust. If you are smart, fire can change the world as you see fit."

-from The Charred Path, holy book of Brakki the Warpath

Fire is the element of passion, change, and annihilation. People who resonate with fire are hot-blooded (sometimes literally), are quick to leap into action for something they believe in or desire, and never give up until their goal has been accomplished. They live hard and usually don't go half-way with their deeds. They also experience great rage or obsession when their efforts


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