The Djinni

Molded from the matured souls of the departed, bathed in the might of the elemental planes, these powerful spirits are the new standard all beings become after they move on from their mortal shells.  More than an elemental, but by no means the masters of their realms, Djinni are usually considered by scholars to be the citizens of the next life that all Vitaens will eventually become part of.

The Djinn is part of the life cycle of the soul, and usually the farthest a soul can go before they cease growing. These are the souls of former mortals, but they likely bear little resemblance to their progenitor soul. A Djinn is a specific facet of the soul's personality and philosophy given the chance to bath in the powers of the elements they are drawn to. They build new personality and identity from their own experiences and preferences, essentially becoming a new person.

The Djinni are as complicated and intelligent as any mortal, but usually with very big personalities that reflect their elemental ties. Water Djinni are calm and spiritual, while Earth Djinni are patient and stoic. However, their is one part of being a Djinn that they all seem to share to some degree: a superiority complex. They are educated by their colleagues about their creation, their growth from a simple elemental into a truly thinking entity, and usually become quite proud of their accomplishment. While not all of them are haughty and prideful, they can be condescending or not expect mortals to understand as much as they do. This often leads to mortals' perceptions of semi-divine beings who have literally become the forces of creation, transcending mortal existence to become something greater, being somewhat soured when they finally meet one and it talks down to them as if they were a child.

The individual Djinn are called the Agni (fire), Apas (water), Rudras (wind), Prithvi (earth), Indras (lightning), Bhagas (metal), Haomas (wood), Yamas (darkness), Suryas (light), and the enigmatic Tattva (aether).

There are Djinni for every element, and they are unmistakable in their elemental resonance. They take flesh and bone forms that exude elemental power, with powerful electrical charges coursing through the air around an Indra to the eerie dark halo that surrounds a Yama. They are also gifted with a considerable mastery over their element, manifesting in blasts of pure energy to powers that many mortal mages might recognize. This natural magical mastery is yet another way the Djinni justify their greatness. 

The Djinni

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