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Welcome to Vitaeoth, the World of Life!

Basic Questions (GM Only)

The Paizo GameMastery Guuide includes 30 basic questions about your campaign setting. The original answers for Vitaeoth are here!


Vitaeoth's history is long and bloody, across the mortal planes and the planes of elemental power.


Empires stretch their influence while country folk try to make it by, all while their neighbors act for and against them.

Organizations and Factions

Some causes are kind, and many wish you ill, but all of them are worth watching out for.


The canvas of the elements and planes have painted many strange shapes, some civilized and others more monstrous.


The elements are power, and learning to harness that power can change your fate.


The gods offer paths to power, fulfillment, and even places at their sides for the truly exemplary.

The Planes

Vitaeoth is but one world in an endless ocean of stars, and even beyond that ocean are places of fantastical power and godly intrigue.


Vitaeoth is not always safe, and many creatures do not wish to be friends.

Adventures on Vitaeoth

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Main Page

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